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Mac Programs I Can't Live Without as a Developer


About my Setup

I'm a full stack dev that replicates environments on my work and personal machines. I use a variety of programming languages so I need my environment to be flexible for whatever I throw at it.

Here are some of favorite programs that I use everyday and highly recommend

Programs that I daily drive

These are programs that I highly recommend and have been using for months.

Check out my post about better window management to get those programs as I still use those many many times a day

Unnatural Scroll Wheels

This program is seriously so underrated. This program fixes 2 things that I absolutely hate about mac

  1. Changing "natural" scroll direction for the mouse changes it for the trackpad too (wtf why? Apple)
  2. Fixing the weird mouse acceleration to be 1:1 like it should be

I will use this program on every mac I own

brew install --cask unnaturalscrollwheels

Hidden Bar

There's a ton of garbage in my menu bar on my mac so I use this to hide away a lot of the stuff I touch maybe once and then never again

brew install --cask hiddenbar


Raycast is what Spotlight search should be. It's fast, efficient, and doesn't show complete garbage results for things I'm looking for. I disabled spotlight in favor of raycast, it's that good. Check out the website for a full list of features and the store!

brew install --cask raycast

Programs that I'm currently testing out

These are some programs that I'm testing out and if I like them enough they will move up to the daily drive section or move to the abandoned section below 💀

Warp Terminal

Warp Terminal is poised to be The terminal for the 21st century which is bold claim when so many developers use iTerm2 and zsh for pretty much everything — just check out the search results for the amount of zsh plugin managers

My Opinion

This terminal is cool, there's a lot of features that make terminals much more approachable. It's a modern take on iTerm and I'm all for it. The autocomplete is great and is already compatible with some of my zsh config settings.

A few things I'm annoyed by: say goodbye to your zsh themes and various plugins they are incompatible with it so far, ^ + L doesn't clear the terminal which is a small gripe but something I use often.

Time will tell if this terminal will pick up the pace and provide a better experience.

Programs I abandoned


Fig was cool when I saw it but was super sketchy when I tried using it because of the telemetry they collected from my system. Would not recommend.